Beyond Good and Evil (Paperback)

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About The Book

ȜThat which an age considers evil is usually an unseasonable echo of what was formerly considered goodȔthe atavism of an old ideal. ȝFrom critiquing Christian morality and the philosophersș ideas of truth to propounding Nietzscheșs philosophical insights into human psychology, this book explores his conceptions about Șthe free spirit,ș the virtues of the European culture, nationalism, and the moral concepts of good and evil.
A collection of two hundred and ninety-six aphorisms, Nietzscheșs Beyond Good and Evil has influenced various philosophers, thinkers, and writers. It continues to remain a quintessential masterpiece.

About The Author

His first work, The Birth of Tragedy, was published in 1872. Beyond Good and Evil was first published in 1886. Though Nietzsche’s works did not sell much when they were published, Beyond Good and Evil are considered one of the greatest books. Nietzsche suffered a severe mental disorder in January 1889. After subsequent deterioration in his health, he died on 25 August 1900. A great thinker, Nietzsche is remembered as one of the greatest German philosophers, and his works continue to remain powerful and influential.

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