Kayakalp (Hindi) (Paperback)

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About The Author

The novel Kayakalp by Munshi Premchand has been written keeping in mind social, political, communal, and family problems. Along with the social anomalies, not only have the Hindu-Muslim communal riots been depicted in it, but the example of communal harmony has also been set through the friendship of Yashodanandan, a Hindu, and Khwaja Mehmood, a Muslim. Along with the British rule and the tyranny of erstwhile kings and emperors and their sycophants, the idealistic form of Kayakalp comes to the fore in the form of Chakradhar representing the educated younger generation. The idealism of Kayakalp soon begins to transform into realism and eventually experimentalism. After the ‘kayakalp’ (rejuvenation) of the loving image of Queen Devpriyas, her longing and lust become the cause of her downfall every time. This is a very interesting and experimental fantasy of this novel.

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