Pinocchio (Paperback)

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About The Author

When Mastro Geppetto, a poor carpenter, carves a log of wood into a marionette, little does he know that his creation, Pinocchio, would be notorious and wicked? He pulls off Gepetto’s wig as soon as his hands are carved, kicks him on the tip of his nose as soon as his feet are finished, and when he is taught to walk, Pinocchio runs around the room and flies out the open door. Thus begins the adventures of Pinocchio . . . From killing the cricket and burning his own feet to becoming a donkey and getting into trouble with the assassins, he leaps from one trick and mischief to the other. And with every lie, he tells his nose keeps growing longer and longer and longer. But Pinocchio wishes to become a real boy and has promised the Fairy to be good. Will he be able to keep his promise? One of the greatest works of Italian literature and a canonical piece of children’s literature, Carlo Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio has been translated into more than three hundred languages. It has not only inspired numerous new editions, but has also been adapted into stage plays, musicals, movies, and television series. Pinocchio continues to remain a cultural icon.

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