Rehras Sahib And Sohila (Paperback)

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About The Book

The series, Way to God in Sikhism by Maneshwar Singh Chahal, has been widely acclaimed for its lucid prose and deep insight in explaining the message of the Guru. The elucidation initiated in the first book of the series, the Japji Sahib, is continued here in the fourth book, where the author offers an in-depth explanation and a well-reasoned commentary of the Evening Prayers, the Rehras Sahib and the Sohila. The commentary is as detailed and engrossing as the previous books have been and the reader will find the book uplifting and enlightening.

About The Author

Manjeshwar S. Chahal has an honors degree in English Literature, a degree in Engineering, and a Master’s in Public Administration. He has been an army officer, a senior bureaucrat in the IAS, CMD of the Punjab & Sind Bank, and a member of the State Human Rights Commission in Punjab. In the midst of these multifarious roles, he has continued to be a deeply devoted student of Spirituality, especially of the intensely humanistic Sikh Religion. His series ‘Way to God in Sikhism’ offers a lucid and easy-to-understand delineation of the Spiritual path in the context of the Sikh belief system. Starting with the Japji Sahib has been warmly welcomed and much appreciated by scholars and lay readers alike. Chahal lives in Chandigarh and can be reached at [email protected].

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