Right From The Start… She Stole His Heart (Paperback)

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Who says best friends can’t be cruel, they are angels with horns. Radhika Gupta has always lived a peaceful life. Until she enters college and befriends a few crazy people. Nishi, the short and confident girl who soon becomes her best friend; Siddharth, the crazy, happy-go-lucky guy, always desperate for a girlfriend; Sameer, the college hunk; and Manas, who is simple, shy, and secretive. While Siddharth has challenged Nishi that he would find a girlfriend for himself before she can find a boyfriend, Radhika’s life is turned upside down by Sameer’s proposal. For he is the guy she never wants to go out with, while he is determined to date her. Following a series of amusing events, endless proposals, and accidental cupids, who will end up with whom? Will the love stories have a happy ending or will they be doomed? Witty and riveting, Right From the Start . . . She Stole His Heart is a pacy romantic comedy. It will make you believe in the fact that opposites attract each other.

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