Seven Uncommoners (PAPERBACK)

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About The Book

“This is a story of seven commoners whose farsightedness and resilience to think beyond the obvious, and to ingeniously master the practices of their respective fields, made them the Seven Uncommoners.
While some journeys show incredible upswings against awe-wrenching odds, others give remarkable examples of when, how and what to do best with the resources at hand.
With fields ranging from technology to infrastructure, from managing hotels to supply chains, from setting up law offices to investment banking firms; together these seven showcase the transforming face of Indian business that is ready to take on the best in the world.
As a faithful rendition of the lives of these fascinating individuals who understand the crests and troughs of a demanding business environment, Seven Uncommoners offers a rich insight into the riveting world of start-up culture and its subsequent growth.”

About The Author

Ridhima started her career with a start-up in New York and has since admired the energy and drive of entrepreneurs.
Seven Uncommoners, her first book, is born out of conversations with people who embody the entrepreneurial spirit that defines India. An avid runner whose personal best is 3.24 in a full marathon, Ridhima loves to dance and do yoga. She daydreams about trading lives with Oprah and living in Hawaii. A CPA with close to a decade of experience in financial services, Ridhima is currently based in Mumbai.

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