Spirituality For Leadership And Success Gita, Vedanta, Hinduism, Buddha, Vivekananda

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Whether you are a spiritual seeker, a scholar, a leader, a person who wishes for success or knows how to handle a crisis all of it is covered in the timeless spiritual philosophies of Gita, Vedanta, Hinduism, Buddha, and Vivekananda. Written by an expert in Indian and world spirituality, these self-help books are a treasure trove of the highest teachings and principles to live a life well and achieve true fulfillment. About the Author, Pranay is an expert on Indian and world spirituality. His modules on Advanced Spirituality for Leadership and Success (PowerTalks/MysticTalks for public and corporate audiences) have won global acclaim. He is also a theatre personality and playwright. Pranay and his partner Sohini run the socio-cultural philanthropic commune TAS, whose initiatives such as Theatre Against Drugs (for addicts), Geetimalya (for underprivileged children), and Shohaag (for women empowerment) are well known and have become movements.

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  • Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing
  • Binding: Paperback
  • No of Pages: 712
  • Language: English

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