Three Men In A Boat (Paperback)

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About The Book

On a seemingly ordinary evening, J, Harris, and George decide that a boat trip up the Thames is just the thing they need to make them snap out of their troublesome state. Though they set off with much enthusiasm, the three men could have hardly predicted the troubles that would follow them on this jaunt. From tow ropes that have a mind of their own to weather that is unbelievably unreliable; from pineapple tin cans that refuse to open to the mysterious disappearance of Harris, this is classic British humor with its timelessness and endurability. About the Author, Jerome K. Jerome is known for many popular books with a writing style that comes with humor. Born in England and having received an education in a poor family, Jerome was highly inspired by his sister’s love for theatre. That’s where his journey in various occupations began. From an actor to a journalist to even a teacher, he finally received recognition in the field of writing with ‘On the Stage and Off. His major influence on the book ‘Three Men in a Boat comes from his honeymoon which actually had taken place on the river Thames in a little boat.

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